Belly Dance Classes!
Current Classes... Belly Dance Basics, Belly-Fit Belly Dance, 
Belly Dance Drills & Combinations, ​Belly Dance Zills/Finger Cymbals, 
Belly Dance Choreography, and  Tease Burlesque Class.


Belly Dance at Canalside ~ All Summer! 6/11 - 8/27/2017
Sundays, 9-10am ~  Join us for aerobic style fitness with Belly Dance moves. Fun and effective! Learn as you work out! You may be surprised how slightly changing your fitness routine can challenge your muscles. This fitness class at Canalside is FREE to all, and sponsored by Blue Cross of WNY. Our class is on the Canalside East Lawn, located on Scott Street, across the street from 716-Tim Horton's, The Marriott and the Buffalo News.
Additional FREE classes at Canalside include; 
Belly Dance on the Canalside Boardwalk, Wednesday, June 28, 2017, 7-9pm and 
Hula Dance on the Canalside Boardwalk, Wednesday, August 2, 2017, 7-9pm

Tuition: FREE.
Levels: No experience necessary.  

Belly Dance Drum Solo Dance ~ 3 week session, 7/17 - 7/31/2017
Mondays, 6:30-7:30pm ~ Learn Belly Dance via choreography combinations. Take this class to learn a new dance form, or to get a fun workout. In this 3 week session you will learn a Group Drum Solo Belly Dance Choreography! We will also be explaining the rhythms and musicality in the drum solo, which may help you be able to build one on your own. You can take this class for the exercise, to learn Belly Dance, or to learn a new choreography. There will be an opportunity, in August, to perform the choreography that you learned, if you choose to do so! 
Tuition: $25 per 3 week session in advance, $10 per single class. Pre-registration suggested.
Levels: No experience necessary.  

Belly Dance Crash Class
 ~ 1 Day, 7/25/2017
Tuesdays. 5:40-6:40pm ~ Explore the wonderful Art of Middle Eastern Dance. This is a Crash Course in Belly Dance via moves & drills, that will work both your hips & core. Our intention with our Crash Class is to break down and explain as many common moves in 60 minutes as we can. We will drill each move from 3-5 minutes each. With the changing of moves, we should be able to work the entire body in a circuit training style. The amount of moves that are covered will be totally dependent on the participants. We will push a fast pace, to introduce as many as reasonable for the participants. We recommend that you bring a notebook, to be able to write down moves you would like to practice at home. Anyone that would like a typed out list of the moves they drilled, will be offered an emailed list, at the end of the class. This is an exercise style class which "introduces" moves, no one is expected to perfect any move in a 3-5 minute drill. This workout is designed to be fun and effective! No experience needed.
Tuition: $10 per person in advance, $20 for three friends in advance. Pre-registration required.
​All registration must be done in advance. To register for 3 for $20, just purchase twice with the same email/paypal.

All registered participants will be emailed confirmations.
Levels: No experience necessary. 

Belly Dance Basics, Combos & Drills ~ 4 week session, 8/1 - 8/29/2017
Tuesdays. 5:35-6:35pm ~ Explore the wonderful Art of Middle Eastern Dance. Learn Belly Dance via moves & combinations, that will work both your hips & core. In this session, we will learn moves that create a choreography. This is a 2 part introduction to Middle Eastern Dance thru Choreography. It will be a fun low-impact aerobic workout, as you learn common moves that form a choreography. Part 1 will be on Tuesdays in August. During classes one and two, we will instruct and drill the core moves and combinations. You will have a 'week off' to practice the moves (we may still meet to drill them but noting new would be added). The third class will be drilling the combinations, in order, with the music. The forth class will be for polishing, embellishing and fun formation drills. Who says a workout can’t be fun! No experience needed. Part 2 will be classes offered in September. In part 2, there will be a performance opportunity for those interested.
Tuition: August Session, Part 1: $30 per 4 week session in advance, $10 per single class. Pre-registration suggested.

Part 2 (Tuition TBA), will be the following weeks in September
​No classes on 8/15/2017.
Levels: No experience necessary. 

Belly Dance Basics, Combos & Drills Part 2 ~ 4 week session, 9/5 - 9/25/2017
Tuesdays. 5:45-6:45pm ~ Explore the wonderful Art of Middle Eastern Dance. In this class session, we will drill a choreography previously learned in August. We will all receive a great low impact aerobic workout by drilling this choreography. We will re-learn & drill different sections of this choreography, as well as the entire choreography. New participants are welcomed to join in. There will be a performance opportunity for those interested, who took both parts 1 & 2.
Tuition: September Session, Part 2: $30 per 4 week session in advance, $10 per single class. Pre-registration suggested.
Levels: No experience necessary. 

Belly Dance Choreography Ind/Adv
Tuesdays, 6:50-8:00pm ~ Quarterly Sessions,  Jan/Feb/Mar  Apr/May/Jun  Jul/Aug/Sep  Oct/Nov/Dec
Belly Dance Choreography & Technique Building. This is our Bellydance Academy Performance Group.
Tuition: $95
Level: Int/Adv. Prerequisites apply.

Gypsy Skirt Belly Dance Choreography Ind/Adv
Tuesdays, 8:15-9:30pm ~ Quarterly Sessions,  Jan/Feb/Mar  Apr/May/Jun  Jul/Aug/Sep  Oct/Nov/Dec
Specialty Belly Dance Choreography & Technique Building Performance Class. This class utilizes Props.
Tuition: $95
Level: Int/Adv. Prerequisites apply.


Private Rehearsal/Rental ~ Wednesdays 6:30-9:30pm​

Tease Burlesque! ~ 6 week session TBA
Thursdays, 6:00-7:00pm ~ Back at The Bellydance Academy! Let Femme Noire introduce you to the Art of Burlesque Dancing with Tease. This focus will be on elements of Classic Burlesque & Striptease. Learn how to peel off a glove, tease with a boa and strut your stuff!
Tuition: $10 per class, in advance. $12 per class day of. Pre-registration suggested.
For this class we accept cash or checks at the studio.
​Credit card payments must register for full session, $80 on-line thru link below.
Level: No experience needed.


Please contact us with questions and to register.
You can register at The Bellydance Academy, by mail, by phone or by links.
​We accept cash, checks and credit cards.
On-line registration links will be added to this page soon.

Additional classes that will be offered during 2017...​​

Tahitian Hips Hula Dance~ Dates to be announced
Learn "Hula" moves! Move your hips. Sweat as you smile. Low impact Aerobic, high cardio. 
Levels: No experience necessary. Great for Beginners, Technique Building for Advanced.

Sword Techniques for Beginners ~ Dates to be announced ~ 3 week session
Learn Balance Techniques & Combinations for Belly Dancing with a Sword.
Tuition: $25, 3 week session. Levels: No experience necessary.

Namas-Kay Yoga ~ Dates to be announced
Currently this are Private Sessions
Please contact us to be added to the Namas-Kay Yoga email list.
Kay studied & certified Yoga in India. She offers a curriculum created to share true classical practices for today's lifestyle. 

Sword Techniques & Choreography Ind/Adv ~ Dates to be announced
Choreography & Technique Building. Level: Int/Adv. Prerequisites apply.

Gypsy Skirt Belly Dance Choreography Ind/Adv ~ Dates to be announced
Choreography & Technique Building. Level: Int/Adv. Prerequisites apply.

Classes at The Bellydance Academy...
Belly Dance Basics
Belly-Fit Belly Dance
Belly Dance Drills & Combinations
Belly Dance Sword & Balance
​Belly Dance Zills/Finger Cymbals
Tahitian Hips Hula Dance
Belly Dance Choreography
Flow Art Fire Dance
Tease Burlesque

​Please note. All classes & workshops are subject to change without notice. Registered participants will be contacted with any closings or schedule revisions. As with any weather related school closings, announcement would be posted on our FaceBook page as well as on our local tv news closing lists.

Please contact us with any questions.
Our contact information is located on the Contact Page.

To register for classes on-line & additional information, follow this link.