Belly Dance Classes!
Current Classes... Belly Dance Basics, Belly-Fit Belly Dance,  
Belly Dance Drills & Combinations, ​Belly Dance Zills/Finger Cymbals, 
Belly Dance Choreography, Sword Dancing & Polynesian/Hula Dance

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2019 Belly Dance Classes... YES!

Belly Dance Classes and Hula Dance Classes!


Our outdoor-free class sessions are over until June, 2019

Belly Dance Shimmy in the Sun 2019 Series

Belly Dance ~ 3 week session,
 4/23/2019, 4/30/2019 - 5/7/2019

All participants must be registered in advance.

10 hours of work/drills, 4 hours in a class setting, 6 hours of drills for home, broken down as follows:
4/23, 6-7:30… Studio/Class broken down into three, 30 minute sections. You will receive notes.  
4/24 - 4/29… Six, 30 minute Drills/Homework Assignments, (written out directions), to do on your own. You make the schedule!
4/30, 6-7:30… Studio/Class broken down into four sections, two drills, one full choreography section (start to finish), and one Questions/Requests section.
5/1 - 5/6… Six new, 30 minute Drills/Homework Assignments to do on your own.
5/7, 6-7:00… Studio/Class. 5 minutes for Questions/Requests, the rest of this session would be drilling this choreography.

If you do the work, you should be able to know this choreography well enough to perform it. Please note, once you learn the choreography, practice is key to being performance ready. Great dance is earned with dedication and hard work. This will be a great workout and a great way to learn this dance style! This workshop was created for those who love Middle Eastern Dance and great for those interested in having a performance opportunities. 

Tuition: $38 for this session. Pre-registration required, please see link.
Dates: April 23, 6-7:30, April 30, 6-7:30 and May 7, 6-7:00

Levels: Some experience necessary helpful.
Location: 4/23 will be held at 322 Amherst Street, Buffalo, NY 14207 (park in lot across the street)

Locations for 4/30 and 5/7 will be in the printed material, handed out in class.

Belly Fit - in Elma, NY coming back in September


5-Week Belly Dance ClassBelly Dance in Niagara Falls, Basics, Combos & Drills ~ May, 2019
Thursdays, 6-7pm
 ~ Explore the wonderful Art of Middle Eastern Dance. Learn Belly Dance via moves & combinations, that will work both your hips & core. In this session, each class will work on easy to follow moves, combinations, and concepts. The classes are formatted so you can take each class as a 'follow' aerobics style, workout, and/or as a learning tool for Middle Eastern Dance. This is a great movement class for all levels. This workout will be Low Impact, and Medium-High Cardio. If you have Finger Cymbals, and would like to drill with them as an added personal challenge, please bring them. This class be catered to the participants of this class. Put Fun in your Fitness.​

​Dates: Every Thursday in May, 5/2, 5/9,  5/15, 5/23 and 5/30
Tuition: $35 per 5 week session, or $10 per single class. Pre-registration suggested.
Levels: No experience necessary.
Location: The NACC, 1201 Pine Avenue, Suite #242, Niagara Falls, NY 14301
This building is large. You will enter thru the Red Door. Our suite will be to your right and up the stairs.    ​



Please contact us with questions and to register.
You can register at The Bellydance Academy, by mail, by phone or by links.
​We accept cash, checks and credit cards.
On-line registration links are updated to this page during registration cycles.

This is always a good question...

Clothes: Whatever you can move in, similar to what you would put on for a yoga class or walk on your treadmill.

Shoes: No street shoes! Barefeet, Ballet Slippers, Jazz Shoes, Character Shoes, Half-Soles or Ballroom Shoes (most people just take their shoes of).

Suggested Additional Items: Water, Something to take notes with, Finger Cymbals, A Hip Scarf/Coin Belt, A Veil (any chiffon or silk style piece of fabric between 3-4 yards (3 yards is the most used size)), Light Ankle and/or Wrist Weights (these can enhance your workout!) 


Like the theory of cross training, adding a new workout to your routine should be beneficial to you. Generally Belly Dance is safe. Gentle on your joints and bones, while moving, stretching and burning calories. It is advised that you discuss exercise with your Doctor. Here is a breakdown...

Belly Dance Basics & Belly Dance Intro
Great classes to learn moves and burn calories. You may discover muscles you didn’t know you had if you are not familiar with Middle Eastern dance. Aerobic with gentle moves. We will explain moves, but this is designed as a ‘watch and follow’ class.

Polynesian/Hula Dance Intro
Also a great class to learn moves and burn calories. You may discover muscles you didn’t know you had if you are not familiar with Island moves. Also aerobic with gentle moves, but a bit faster than our Belly Dance classes. We will explain moves, but this is designed as a ‘watch and follow’ class. You will learn moves with the goal to and build speed over time.

Belly Dance Intro Crash Class
1-Day Crash Class. In our Crash Classes, Belly Dance or Hula, our goal is to introduce you to as many moves as we can. We explain, show, drill, and then move on. This can be a bit more aerobic than a regular class because we will be pulling out many moves, but in this format, it is not the correct environment to perfect any of the moves. It is an introduction to the moves, in an aerobics style class. By the end of the class you should have received a nice workout and a good taste of the style at hand. If you liked what you did, we encourage you to come back to one of our weekly classes, so you can work to perfect the moves

Belly Dance Sword Crash Class

We have offered Belly Dance Sword Crash Class, only twice a year, every year since 2009. This is a class to introduce yourself to the wonderful world of Sword. We love this class! It is designed for true beginners who have never touched a Sword, as well as helpful tips for those more familiar with this fun prop. You will not need to buy a Sword prior to the Crash Class, we will have several for people to use during the class. At the completion of this Crash Class, if there are enough people interested in learning a Sword Choreography, we will schedule a Sword Choreography Class to accommodate those interested.

Additional classes that will be offered during 2019...​​

Tahitian Hips Hula Dance~ Dates to be announced
Learn "Hula" moves! Move your hips. Sweat as you smile. Low impact Aerobic, high cardio. 
Levels: No experience necessary. Great for Beginners, Technique Building for Advanced.

Sword Techniques for Beginners ~ Dates to be announced ~ 3 week session
Learn Balance Techniques & Combinations for Belly Dancing with a Sword.
Tuition: $25, 3 week session. Levels: No experience necessary.

Sword Techniques & Choreography Ind/Adv ~ Dates to be announced
Choreography & Technique Building. Level: Int/Adv. Prerequisites apply.

Gypsy Skirt Belly Dance Choreography Ind/Adv ~ Dates to be announced
Choreography & Technique Building. Level: Int/Adv. Prerequisites apply.

Classes at The Bellydance Academy...
Belly Dance Basics
Belly-Fit Belly Dance
Belly Dance Drills & Combinations
Belly Dance Sword & Balance
​Belly Dance Zills/Finger Cymbals
Tahitian Hips Hula Dance
Belly Dance Choreography
Flow Art Fire Dance

​Please note. All classes & workshops are subject to change without notice.

Registered participants will be contacted via text, with any closings or schedule revisions.

As with any weather related school closings, announcement would be posted on our

FaceBook page as well as on our local tv news closing lists.

Please contact us with any questions.
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